Ngapali offers a genuinely new and unique ballooning experience.

For the first time in Asia your balloon flight will allow you views to the unspoiled coastline of the Bay of Bengal drifting gently over untouched jungles and hills.

With its incredible natural diversity this location offers amazing glimpses of bustling markets with friendly villagers, golden temples and pagodas and the graceful Kissapanadi river which meanders through the old colonial town of Thandwe.

Bird watchers will have a good chance of spotting some rare and exotic birds as the balloon drifts low at tree top level over pristine jungle but likewise you will astounded as you rise high above the hills and see the coastline of Ngapali bay with its fishermen and sandy beaches.

Ngapali offers a truly exclusive and unusual experience. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity!

Sample Itinerary

Every day is different when it comes to ballooning. The winds change daily and the weather is affected by the seasons. The sun rises later in December than in October or March. The following itinerary is an example of what you may experience with Oriental Ballooning, but times and locations will be confirmed the night before your flight. Please don’t make any time-critical decisions based on this itinerary, for example, trying to catch an early aeroplane or boat after your flight.

0530 – 0600: We’ll collect you from your hotel in a comfortable car or minibus

0600 – 0615: You’ll meet your pilot, and enjoy pre-flight tea, coffee and pastries. You’ll be given a safety briefing.

0615 – 0630: Watch as the balloons are prepared by the trained crew and inflated by the experienced British pilots

0630 – 0645: All aboard! Climb into the basket and prepare for take off!

0645 – 0730: Enjoy the amazing experience of floating over this amazing historical area with its temples, stupas and other beautiful sights.

0730 – 0800: Celebrate your safe return to earth with a drink of chilled sparkling wine, served with fruit. Receive your personal flight certificate, signed by your pilot

0800 – 0830: Return to your hotel in time for breakfast