The best ballooning in Bagan! And Bill is a top-class pilot. Thanks Bill for a great flight! We hope to be back next season.

Adrian Zdrada, 27.10.


We had an incredible flight with Oriental Balloning in Bagan, Myanmar! Perfect basket only for 8 people and the flight was above all the temples in all times! Thanks again for this wonderful experience!

Alejandra Arijas, 28.10


I love how the group in each balloon is small. Allie was amazing and was very knowledgeable. They made this once in a lifetime experience quite unforgettable!!! Thanks Oriental ballooning!

Angela Buscher, 27.10.


We had a FANTASTIC time with Oriental Ballooning and a spectacular sunrise over Bagan. Will Never forget this trip and Piers is a truly great Pilot. Thank you again!!!!! Warmest regards from Switzerland.

Thomas Roost. 26.10



“Fantastic experience”

Reviewed November 3, 2014

We waited apprehensively as our selected time passed in the hotel at 5am, then we heard that Balloons over Bagan had cancelled due to the wind blowing in wrong direction. So there were a few disappointed customers in the hotel lobby. But next our bus arrived. Being a smaller operation with smaller balloons, Oriental were able to switch their take off point which explained the slight delay. Fantastic experience and very reassuring crew. I will do ballooning again based on my experience here. Well done Oriental Ballooning.

“Absolutely fantastic”

Reviewed November 3, 2014

We were very lucky to get our flight as the 2 days previous they had been cancelled. Good to hear safety is so important. It was an absolutely fantastic experience. Only 8 people plus the pilot in the basket which made it a very personal experience. All the pilots were friendly and ours very experienced. For a company so young they are running a very professional service. Prompt pick ups, nice breakfasts and lovely champagne to finish the flight. Was excellent.. Oh I already said that… But it was!

“Expensive but definitely worth the trip!”

Reviewed October 27, 2014

What an amazing way to see Bagan! Piers, our pilot, was so knowledgeable and made us feel completely at ease the entire flight.”

“Classy operation”

Reviewed October 26, 2014

We used this company over the other ballooning company in Bagan as they had smaller balloons and offered a more personal service. Unlike other balloons we have been on in other countries there were only 8 of us in each balloon which meant the pilot was able to talk to us and tell us what we were seeing which was great. Oriental Ballooning offers a really slick operation from the very clear safety talk at the beginning to the sparkling French wine at the end. We had a brilliant flight and are so pleased we went with them.

“Amazing, once in a lifetime experience!”

Reviewed October 26, 2014

Absolutely amazing, I couldn’t even have imagined how stunning this experience would be. Views were incredible, and it was surreal floating above hours ands of temples. The serenity and peacefulness in the air was just so unique. I would highly recommend Oriental Ballooning. Piers was so friendly and knowledgeable and you can tell how passionate he is about hot air ballooning. I’d also recommend them over Balloons Over Bagan because you get a more personal experience (less people per balloon)

“Excellent service, amazing experience”

Reviewed October 26, 2014

Oriental Ballooning is the second, newest company to offer balloon flights over Bagan and the service is absolutely immaculate. Our tour planner recommended this company over its older, bigger brother because it has smaller baskets (8 people instead of 16) so you have better views and a better quality experience. It also has fewer balloons (British-made and all flown by Western pilots) and we found that the combination of that makes the trip much more personal, as you get to know the pilot and it is less of a mass market tourist feeling.

Our pilot, Allie, was very enthusiastic, nice and friendly and she had lots of interesting stories to tell. The friendly ground staff and coffee and croissants before the flight and champagne and snacks afterwards complement the whole event and are exemplary of the excellent service. All in all, a highly recommended company and event!

“Unforgettable Experience with Oriental Ballooning”

Reviewed October 26, 2014

We had an amazing and unforgettable experience with Oriental Ballooning. ….I loved the attention to details, their professionalism and their personalized service! THANK YOU Oriental Ballooning for an amazing experience! We felt safe flying with you!

“A must do!”

Reviewed October 25, 2014

Wow. What an experience! Cruising over temples in Bagan, the sunrise, the champagne breakfast and the wonderful professional service. Not cheap, but neither is a trip to Myanmar compared with the rest of SE Asia. Worth every cent on both counts.

“Once in a lifetime!!!”

Reviewed October 23, 2014 via mobile

This company provided excellent service from pick up to drop off. Our pilot was superb and they made this experience the highlight of my trip to Bagan. No words to describe the experience but “AMAZING!!” I felt blessed to have witnessed such beauty. Thanks Oriental Ballooning!!!

“No ballooning for us but great service.”

Reviewed October 22, 2014

Ok, we didn’t get to go ballooning as it was the beginning of the season and the weather wasn’t right but I did want to review this company for the great, personal service. Christine and I exchanged many emails and she came to our Yangon hotel to pick up the money for the intended balloon trip. As soon as we were told the trip was cancelled the money was at the hotel for us – no problem at all. The service couldn’t have been more efficient, friendly or helpful. If I ever go back to Myanmar (highly likely) I’ll definitely try for the balloon trip again and book with this company. Having driven around the temples in Bagan I know it would be spectacular to see them from the air. It’s expensive, but it’d be worth this once in a lifetime ride.


“ Must try”

January 28th 2014

Oriental Ballooning is super professional and very well organized.

Safety first, you never feel fear!

Balloons are supported by well-trained and professional pilots.

Neither of us had never been in a balloon before and so we were really looking forward to it and do not let us down!

It is a great experience, very difficult to describe, but worth all the money


Reviewed January 24, 2014

Impeccable, first-rate service. Couldn’t recommend it more. Totally safe, well-organized and professional. The views from up there are otherworldly. Great experience, maybe the highlight of our two-week trip to Myanmar.

“Brilliant morning – a real highlight of the trip”

Reviewed January 14, 2014

We flew with Oriental Ballooning over Mandalay on December 23rd. We were delighted with the knowledge and experience of the pilots, as well as the beautiful views over Mandalay. Flying over the lake and watching the fishermen, villagers and the jumping fish was particularly exciting. We also enjoyed great views of the pagodas, markets and early morning city life. The whole thing felt customized to us rather than being one of the crowd and was a most memorable experience. Highly recommended!

“Great experience and service”

Reviewed January 5, 2014

We had an opportunity to do the balloon trip at the end of December 2013. The overall experience was great, the flight, the views but even more the service and chat with the pilot. My wife and mother-in-law also loved it. We had a great landing across the river and returned to the hotel with a boat, all in all made for an absolutely great way to start a day in Mandalay!!

“Amazing Adventure with the Oriental Ballooning”

Reviewed December 21, 2013

(…) With the professional pilot Richard guiding us, we saw a totally different view about Mandalay from 2000 feet above the city. After a while we flew low enough to greeting people on the ground across the west side of city, all the residents came out watching us and waving their hands to us. People probably are the first time of watching a ballooning flying above their house as well. Eventually we crossed the Ayeyarwady River and landed on a field (changes by the editor) drawing the attention from farmers and school kids greeting us with their smiles and curious eyes. We finished adventure with the lovely Champagne provided by Oriental ballooning. Getting back with the boat across the Ayeyarwady River was the value added experience of the adventure

Oriental Ballooning adds a special adventure to Mandalay; bring the life character of western fairy tale into Mandalay peoples’ life. Hope the schools kids not late for the school!

“ If you get a chance, get up early and go”

25th of Nov 2014

The most amazing experience ever! Absolutely stunning scenery of beautiful Mandaly and the Ayeyawaddy River. Professional, friendly and reassuring staff. Nice glass of bubbly to meet you when you land, not to mention an unplanned audience of about 200 children desperate to see the balloon. Totally epic!

“Absolutely amazing!”

Reviewed November 21, 2013

I must tell you I was skeptical. After flying over Bagan almost three years ago I kept asking myself if Mandalay has enough to offer to see it from the sky. Early wake-up on Sunday, fingers crossed for the good weather and off we went to the old Mandalay Airport. It’s an unusual, but enjoyable place to have a morning coffee, some pastries and watching a sunrise.

All my doubts disappeared five minutes into the flight as wherever I looked there was something I visited before: Mandalay Hill and Palace on one side, Amarapura and U-Bein bridge on another, Sagaing Hill and white stupas of Mingun just across the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River.

Flying with Oriental Ballooning was like with Thai Airways – smooth as silk.

(please find the rest of the story online on Tripadvisor Mandalay)


Reviewed December 18, 2014

Really fanastic, couldnt recommend it enough. Mandalay in winter at dawn has some of the best light conditions, and viewing the city, mandalay hill, the temples and the river from 3000 feet allowed me to take some stunning photos. Allie was very knowledgable about Myanmar and it was a pleasure to get to know her.Champagne breakfast with croissant was the icing on the cake.

“A highlight of our 3 week holiday!”

Reviewed December 8, 2014

I loved every minute of it! It was absolutely a memorable and surreal experience. It was my first balloon ride and certainly won’t be my last. It feels like you are floating and the scenery is just breathtaking from up above. There were views that you can only experience by balloon. All the activity on street level seems so peaceful from above. It is so quiet up there with the occasional balloon firing which I liked because it warmed me up a bit. I thought it would be really hot in the basket, but that is not the case. I am afraid of heights to some degree but I didn’t feel any fears when I was up high. I felt very safe and comfortable with the pilot’s expertise and the balloon. It was a very gradual and smooth ascend, ride and descent.

Allie was our pilot. She was very knowledgeable and professional. She tells you what to expect for takeoff and landing. She was also an excellent tour guide pointing out all the interesting landmarks and telling us the history about them. Trust me – she is the best balloon pilot that you could have. Everything was perfect.

It was a smooth landing in a small village in a small field. We we greeted by the villagers who were very curious about the balloon. It probably was their first time seeing a balloon up close. We waved and said “Mingalabar” and they warmed up to us and surrounded us. It was a very interesting experience. I ended up taking a photo with the villagers and it was fun.

I highly recommend Oriental Ballooning in Mandalay. You won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to bring your camera!


“So high and so spectacular!”

Reviewed January 5, 2015

We have been lucky enough to do a few balloon trips in our time but this was like nothing else. At one point we were so high we could see over the mountains in every direction and at other times we were floating just above the water.

We were blown away by how beautiful this balloon trip was with the fabulous views across the lake. We have travvelled with this company before in Bagan and as always they were very organised and lovely. If you get a chance to do this – I really recommend it.


Reviewed January 12, 2015

Marvelous experience. Everyone came out to greet us from all towns. Best view of villages, floating gardens, mountains and lake. It was so beautiful and very private (only four passengers allowed). Bill is a highly professional pilot and very safety conscious with a great sense of humor and the desire to give clients the best experience. Most fun were the kids running after us in the fields when landing. A MUST do.

“Highlight of our trip to Myanmar”

Reviewed January 5, 2015

My friends and I visited Myanmar in December 2014. We travelled for two weeks and totally fell in love with this country, its beauty and its people. We enjoyed every day and every moment of our stay but our balloon flight at the Inle Lake with Oriental Ballooning was trully the highlight of the whole Myanmar visit!

The views over the lake and Nyaungshwe are stunning! Our pilot, Bill was giving explanations and comments throughout the flight. Several times he lifted the ballon high in the sky to show us the mountains and the land surrounding the lake. At other times Bill was piloting the balloon so close to the ground that we saw every detail of the floating gardens, the houses in the water, the boats and the village life at Nyaungshwe. You can’t get similar view when travelling by boat. Absolutely incredible flight!!!

We were also thankful to Bill for some valuable hints on what to visit at the Inle lake and when.

A glass of champagne after we landed was an unexpected bonus from Oriental Ballooning 🙂

“the best view over Inle & much more”

Reviewed December 10, 2014

The Inle Lake is such a beautiful lake. If you go by boat, you have no Chance to see the fully beautiful Landscape. But if you go by Balloon… oh wow… just incredible!

The Balloon ride starts in a Village somewhere at the Inle Lake. The very friendly Staff from Oriental Ballooning picked me up from my Hotel. After we drove around 30 minutes by boat to the Start place. They provide some blankets during the ride because it gets very cold during the Night.

After the breakfast right in front of the Balloon, Bill, our Pilot gave us a safety briefing. Right after that they started to prepare the balloon. The Balloon & our Pilot are from England and is very experienced with flying Balloons.

A few minutes before the Sun rises, we flew with the Balloon over the Lake and we had such a breathtaking view! The mix between the Inle Lake, the Mountains and all this Villages makes this flight to an unforgettable experience.

We flew more than 1 1/2 hrs before we landed at the other side from the Inle Lake, close to a village. All the local People were coming because they never seen a Balloon before.

This flight gives you an unforgettable experience over Inle and Myanmar! There is only one Balloon here so you’ll have the sky for yourself!