Flights Over Bagan

Flying over the unique Bagan area, you will be astounded and amazed by the beauty and diversity of the temples and stupas below you. With the Irrawaddy River, a life-giving companion, to the west and mountains to the east, your flight of a lifetime will carry you over the temples and fields of this historic plain.

Early in the morning, before sunrise, you will be collected from your hotel and taken to one of our carefully selected launch sites, which will give you the very best views of the thousands of temples and stupas that litter the plains of Bagan.

One of our sites is situated on the river bank near Nyaung-Oo U town and the famous Shwezigon pagoda. As you arrive on the site, our dedicated team welcomes you with freshly brewed coffee or tea, croissants and pastries. You will be escorted to your balloon basket where your pilot gives you a thorough safety briefing before commencing to inflate the balloon.

Very soon it’s time to climb on board, rise gently into the morning skies, and greet the sunrise. Slowly and magnificently Bagan reveals its secrets. The breathtaking site of stupa after stupa, in their hundreds, appearing through the delicate mist is quite unforgettable.

Your pilot uses his skills and the ever changing breezes to navigate close to the most interesting temples. You’ll hear tales such as that of the founder king of Bagan, Anawratha who built the first Buddhist temple, the golden Shwezigon, in 1057 and started the tradition of temple building by his successors, which continued for over 230 years. A balloon flight is the best way to appreciate the entirety of the temple complex and it has been said that on one balloon flight you see far more templ

es than you would in three whole days from the ground.

To the west take in the immensity of the mighty Irrawaddy River with Taungyi Taung perched on the hilltop above, and catch a glimpse of the volcanic Mt. Popa to the east. Local children wave excitedly as you pass overhead and the traditional life style and housing of the friendly and hospitable Myanmar people is revealed.

As your flight comes to an end, the pilot guides his craft to a safe landing site, where our crew welcome you once again with helping hands. But the experience isn’t over yet and you are invited to celebrate, with your fellow passengers, as your pilot pops open a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and personally signs your flight certificates. Enjoy your drink with some fresh fruit and spend a few more moments with us, whilst the crew pack away the balloon, and savour this magical landscape before being whisked back to your hotel where you will arrive in good time to enjoy your hotel’s breakfast.

Sample Itinerary

Every day is different when it comes to ballooning. The winds change daily and the weather is affected by the seasons. The sun rises later in December than in October or March. The following itinerary is an example of what you may experience with Oriental Ballooning, but times and locations will be confirmed the night before your flight. Please don’t make any time-critical decisions based on this itinerary, for example, trying to catch an early aeroplane or boat after your flight.

0530 – 0600: We’ll collect you from your hotel in a comfortable car or minibus

0600 – 0615: You’ll meet your pilot, and enjoy pre-flight tea, coffee and pastries. You’ll be given a safety briefing.

0615 – 0630: Watch as the balloons are prepared by the trained crew and inflated by the experienced British pilots

0630 – 0645: All aboard! Climb into the basket and prepare for take off!

0645 – 0730: Enjoy the amazing experience of floating over this amazing historical area with its temples, stupas and other beautiful sights.

0730 – 0800: Celebrate your safe return to earth with a drink of chilled sparkling wine, served with fruit. Receive your personal flight certificate, signed by your pilot

0800 – 0830: Return to your hotel in time for breakfast